We understand margins are thin and the order to cash cycle has to be quick. NOW's technology is the perfect place for you to take your operational excellence and business to the next level.

Touchless Accurate Invoicing

With all of your delivery data combined in one digital solution, you are empowered to invoice your customers faster and with more accuracy. Get ready to get paid faster!

Digital Data

No more re-keying emailed (or faxed) information from your 3PL carriers - you can get rid of that carrier inbox. Know where orders are in the process by checking the Action Center Dashboard.

Invoice Accuracy

Our belief? When it comes time to send an invoice it should be perfect! Our system will automatically validate the invoice against your saved freight agreement and highlight any issues.

Invoice Auto-Approval

For those 3PL carrier freight deliveries that aren't complex and simple, go ahead... let those invoices auto-approve. Give yourself the freedom of easy and accurate invoicing!

Actionable Data

Generate insights to make better decisions and take your business to the next level. Use the basic dashboard within our platform or use our API to connect your own analytics or business intelligence tools - in real-time.

Order Action Center

Orders are constantly in progress and with the Action Center Dashboard, you have a comprehensive place to see when orders are ready to enter into their invoice phase. Get status updates and notifications for each invoice to keep you fully aware and engaged .

Connected Systems

Share data between systems using the NOW Network. Combine your order data, 3PL carrier data, and internal systems such as accounting to forecast and analyze trends.

Digital Document Capture

Your flexible platform lets you manage your orders all in one place; whether the order originates from your internal logistics operation, customer via the mobile app, or from a hired 3PL carrier. So, all the necessary data is where you need it.

Manage and Grow Your 3PL Carrier Network

NOW gives you an easy way to build your 3PL carrier network. As your company grows into new markets, new products and new geographies, this is the place to easily empower your growth and establish carrier relationships.

Build Your 3PL Carrier Network

With our growing 3PL carrier partners in the NOW network, a wholesaler is able to grow their business into new markets with The NOW Network Managed Services team.

Agreement Vault

No more are the days where writing freights rates on sticky notes is necessary! In just minutes, freight tables, accessorial tables, surcharge tables and all the like can be established and agreed between you and your 3PL carriers. Once agreed, you have your digital freight agreement!

Order Transparency

As orders are in progress, the digital solution gives you the ability to share order information and provide updated order details with the 3PL carrier and driver. Through the mobile app, your customers also have the ability to engage in the order while in route.

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