Our Story

Our Vision

At our inception, NOW has one mission: to evolve the last mile experience and engagement for all parties.  Why?  Because, we know there is a better way that everyone involved in seeing a freight delivery thru can be connected and perform their part when using one common digital technology stack.

One Connected Ecosystem

A solution for all wholesalers, common carriers, drivers, and customers to connect and engage throughout the entire last mile, order-to-cash life cycle.

Fully Digital Tech Stack

An entire digital technology stack available to all wholesalers, common carriers, drivers, and end-customers with value-rich features aimed at continually pushing the digital value-envelope.

Meet The Team

The foundation of NOW’s vision and mission is people.  In our eyes, this will never change.  Our guiding principle is to invest in the right people who individually are awesome, but collectively have the capacity to change the world.  Our team of trailblazers includes the combination of logistics industry experts and tech thought leaders.  But, our story doesn’t end here – and we’re excited about this.  We know future NOW-ers will only make our journey more invigorating and successful!

Mushahid “Mush” Khan


Mush is a passionate leader, dedicated to ensuring the ongoing growth and development of people. Building a culture based on innovative thinking, continuous learning, better performance, and creating value for customers is a priority for Mush.

Josh Howell

Onboarding Manager

Product adoption readiness is what gives Josh goosebumps! His days are spent delivering adoption experiences that support success and builds NOW advocacy across the end-user ecosystem.

Mike Yang

Onboarding Specialist

Speak to Mike and he’ll tell you every customer has a story – he loves helping them realize their value story in his role in product onboarding and adoption!

Tami Sandlin

Account Manager

Tami brings years of experience in the Wholesale and Transportation world and she is excited to take this experienced matched with the technology that NOW offers to take the last mile ecosystem to the next level.

Jennifer Evans

Sr. Product Business Analyst

Jennifer works on bringing our NOW product and features to the ecosystem that everyone sees immense value in using.

Mattie Licciardoni

QA Engineer

Mattie loves to teach … and with vigor! Her role is helping customers and fellow NOW-ers be on their A-game with our digital technology stack as it continues to rapidly evolve.

Meet The Board and Advisory Team

NOW’s story has always started with people, and the same goes to the board and advisory team we rely on to serve as our sounding board.  We value those that have achieved great things and our advisory board is comprised of thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Mike Fahy


A proven innovator with a passion for creating new technologies that advance both legacy and modern industries. As the CEO of NOW, Michael is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day leadership of all existing and future technology with the network.

Mushahid “Mush” Khan


Mush is a seasoned business strategist focused on helping companies accelerate growth and improve performance through strategic planning, financial analysis, process improvement, staff training and development, innovation, and the implementation of technology.









Rick Noetzel

Senior Director of Finance

Rick is versatile, dynamic and accomplished with proven leadership experience and a strong background in finance, internal audit, and accounting. He’s focused on defining strategy, streamlining processes, minimizing costs, driving efficiencies, delivering projects on time while maintaining compliance and attaining financial goals. He’s also known for developing cross functional teams, mentoring and empowering staff with a flexible leadership style to enable accountability and growth.