What Is Onboarding?

A journey and experience crafted to put you in a position to soar.

Get Started!

You've decided FuelNOW is for you - that is awesome in our books!

Now what?

Onboarding is the chapter in your product adoption journey when the FuelNOW onboarding team begins to set-up and configure your product for optimal, preferred use.  It goes without saying Customer Success is always overseeing your journey and maintaining visibility to how things are coming along for you, but Onboarding encompasses the initial experience in preparing the technology stack for you, and your team, including the introduction and training of the product for you and your colleagues.  By the end of your Onboarding experience, you will be independently able to use FuelNOW with confidence and ease!

Onboarding: What Can I Expect?

We are eager to get you soaring on FuelNOW, which is why it may not be surprising to know we have a variety of playbooks that we crafted specifically to speak to which experience is an ideal fit to what serves you best.  This experience is aimed at getting you set-up and ready to use your digital tech stack with as much ease and speed as possible.  

Our Onboarding Experience Philosophy

  • Making sure our engagement is always an efficient use of your time and knowledge – simply put, we respect your time.
  • Educate end-users with a variety of learning tools and provide ample training time to ensure orders are going thru their life cycle with high success rates.
  • Recognize the change management you’re embarking upon and provide tips, tricks, and support until you’re wholly performing orders with high success rates.

What Does My Initial Product Adoption Experience Take?

Getting you set-up and ready to use your digital tech stack includes these phases: FuelNOW Tour, Readiness Fast-Track, Get NOW-ing, and Blast Off.  Because we’re often asked, we thought we’d share what the overall percentage of time spent in each phase.

FuelNOW Tour
Readiness Fast-Track
Get NOW-ing

Product Readiness Guide

Step 1 … Step 2 … Step 3 … and, Step 4.  You guessed it – that is all it takes to get you using FuelNOW.  We’re sure curiosity has gotten you, which is why we wanted to give you a brief glimpse to what each step, or phase, is about.

FuelNOW Tour

Let's begin your product adoption experience with Customer Success leading the way in getting you familiar with what FuelNOW is poised to do for you and your organization. Secondarily, they will make sure you're all primed and ready to get the onboarding team set to begin your onboarding journey!

Readiness Fast-Track

It's time to do this! This phase is spent predominantly by the onboarding team configuring the tech stack for you, and performing product education and training ... ultimately preparing you for your first orders.

Get NOW-ing

With the product ready and your team trained, it's time to do your first orders as a FuelNOW-er! (Yes, we feel you're part of the FuelNOW family now 🙂 ) . This is the phase you begin to spread your wings. We are available every step of the way, making sure you're getting there and setting the stage for independent success.


After your first 30 days using FuelNOW you should be soaring. You've proven you are fully in the driver's seat. We'll make sure you've got everything you need to keep going and that you know where to keep learning about where FuelNOW can continue to extend value - where new features can be learned - etc.