The FuelNOW team hearts you more than you know! Our digital technology stack is one that was designed, built and constantly evolving for you. Our mission? We are excited to partner with you every step of the way, helping you drive your carrier operations and engagement to the next digital level while getting you paid faster.

Get Paid Faster

When deliveries are done with more transparency, and with everyone connected and engaged, carriers can dramatically decrease their order-to-cash cycle to days.

Agreement Vault

Establishing digital agreements just got that much simpler! For carriers, leverage this feature to secure agreements with wholesalers and customers. Bring a higher level of data integrity to your invoices.

Invoice Readiness Dashboard

This feature uses the details of a verified order to accurately generate an invoice if an active agreement exists. Carriers also have the ability to set auto-submission parameters.

Invoice Readiness Auto-Approval

Our solution gives carriers the ability to set auto-approval workflows on invoices of choice; decreasing the approval engagement for common or trusted delivery scenarios.

Invoice Readiness Dashboard

Agree on invoices before you officially send them for payment. With the Invoice Readiness Collaboration interface, a wholesaler, customer and/or 3PL carrier can co-assess and agree to invoice totals before confirming an invoice is ready to go.

Begin giving your customers the order visibility they want with the Order Mobile app!

Gain and Give 3PL Delivery Visibility

For carriers, whether it's from your own truck and driver assets, or that of your 3PL network trucks and drivers, gain and give visibility to all deliveries in progress for both you and your customers.

Build and Manage 3PL Network

With open access to all 3PL carriers in the network, a carrier is free to locate the "Best Fit" carriers for their service locations and negotiate freight agreements to secure resources to support growth and demand.

Driver Mobile App

With mobile apps catered to drivers and customers engaging with you, or engaging with your 3PL network, the FuelNOW tech stack is a one-stop digital platform that gives you transparency across each order's life cycle.

Order Management

Your flexible platform gives you the ability for order management in one place; whether the order originates from your internal logistics operation, a customer via the mobile app or from a hired 3PL carrier.

Order Insight

Gain insight, in a comprehensive view, of how orders are tracking - which ones are at risk of meeting delivery windows, whether it is your own or one being delivered by your 3PL. We believe in proactive engagement... we figured we aren't the only ones!

Customer Mobile App

Drive customer retention, user experience and ease of doing business with a mobile app that offers a simple, flexible way to place delivery orders with you. Also, this mobile app gives your customers the opportunity to track their orders while in progress!

Real-Time Order Awareness

Everyone wants to know where the delivery is! You, your customers and everyone else who needs to be in the know. With your solution, you have real-time notifications of progress and map views of where the driver is throughout the order's journey.

Grow Your Business

The feature-rich technology stack is always working for you - leveraging our sophisticated best-fit engine to help you identify opportunities for growth in so many areas of your carrier company.

Freight Quote Assistance

This feature provides you with the ability to establish digital freight tables, fuel surcharge tables and accessorial charts within minutes. Expand this feature with the ability to automatically populate incoming freight quote requests the ecosystem is looking to hire!​

Company Profile

With an evolving and growing last mile ecosystem, companies are always on the hunt for top service providers. Establish a company profile that shows off your excellence and services - always showcasing what makes you so awesome.

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