Hey! My name is Savannah Marino. I’m an MBA grad from Western Governors University, trivia buff extraordinaire, and FuelNOW’s very first customer support superhero. But of course, if you’re here on the blogs you probably know that already. My goal as our first customer support specialist is to save the world one customer at a time. Whether it’s helping with a password reset, helping you set up your profile or solving an invoicing issue, you can count on us to sweep you off your feet. As FuelNOW grows, our future-vision tells us our 24/7/365 support will become essential for crushing our goals of personalizing each experience and saving customers in peril with blinding speed. Our support superheroes even have a name – FuelNOW Force! It’s a cool little way for us to show just how dedicated we are at not only meeting our goal of solving our customers problems, but surpassing it to create memorable support experiences. No matter the villain, FuelNOW Force is here to save your day!

When I first learned about FuelNOW, I was a little in shock at my luck. I mean, a chance to be part of one of the biggest tech disruptors in the Oil and Gas industry? Sign me up! But unfortunately, while I had plenty of support experience I had zero experience the industry. In my support superhero past, my biggest triumph was teaching myself SQL to secure a digital vault of thousands of dollars of secure documents. Every hero has an origin story. My journey started when I was immediately the support champion for Title Data, Inc. My superhero support strength was tested time and time again when calls for help were aimed directly at me.  The team here at FuelNOW is incredibly well-versed in the industry and always eager to help. My first two weeks here were a total crash course. There was so much to learn in what felt like so little time. I’ll be honest, I was a little overwhelmed – but that’s where it pays to have an autonomously awesome team to help. Whenever something didn’t make sense for me I knew I could rely on my team and BOOM! I’d have an expert giving me the breakdown. And honestly? That is what I love so much about this company already. Everyone here just wants to help everyone else succeed. That’s what we’re bringing to you; a team of superheroes ready to save the network when you need us.

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