In today’s competitive world, I absolutely believe that customer support can make or break a company. It’s critical to build trust with customers in order to develop a strong working relationship and promote loyalty. Without this, a company cannot succeed.

Building a great customer support organization comes from the top. Leadership must cultivate the culture of support within the teams and within the company first. Each team member must feel heard and valued within the company and experience the same sense of care that the customers need from the company. Those who feel supported are better equipped to support others.

Leading a team is something I love to do. I am passionate about helping others grow and reach their full potential as others have strived to do for me. One of my mentors once asked me the following question:

“If you and other leaders in the company were all books and the teams were asked to come and pick a book off the shelf, would your book be the one that is picked up the most?”

Since that question was asked, I have tried to cultivate my skills to be the best book there is on the shelf; one that inspires and leaves a lasting impression… a book that others can refer to when searching for answers or in need of direction or inspiration. I want to ensure that we are creating an environment of inclusion, support and growth; an environment that both team members and customers want to be part of. I love that what I want to accomplish in my professional career is well aligned with what FuelNOW is creating. Not only will I be able to create a customer experience that promotes FuelNOW’s values, but it will help me reach new heights personally. With this shared vision, together we will write the kind of book that remains a favorite on the shelf for many years to come.

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  1. Bridgette Penel

    I really enjoyed this blog post. It made me wonder the various chapters FuelNOW will have in a masterpiece novel. You touched on an impressionable point around trust, and having a cultural environment where everyone is empowered to bring their best – be their best. I am personally looking forward to seeing where you grow, and watch the seeds you plant in our CX story to bring an experience in the last mile unlike no other!

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