Being the Product and Knowledge Trainer for FuelNOW is really exciting for me. I have been provided a platform to bring my passion for teaching others to a broad audience. Teaching others has always motivated me, and I cannot wait to start passing on my passion for learning onto others.

Early on in my career I worked for a non-profit organization that taught Microsoft Office to inner city youth with the goal of providing them with the skills to obtain financial independence.┬áThe look of accomplishment on the kids’ faces when they learned something new was my greatest reward. Having a positive impact on others is my reason for doing what I love. I love to see the light bulb come on when someone has learned something new. I strongly believe that training is the building block for success.

The definition of knowledge is an awareness or understanding of something or someone, and my goal is to ensure that our customers are provided with the knowledge that they require to be successful. My role as the Product and Knowledge Trainer will be to pass on the skills that I have learned to others while maintaining a fun and relaxed environment. I look forward to all the light bulb moments to come from our FuelNOW users.

SCIENTIA POTENTIA EST! (Knowledge is power.)

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