• The Last Mile Digital Marketplace and Technology Stack

    Empowering the ecosystem to achieve smarter, better deliveries.

  • Wholesalers and Suppliers

    Consolidate your 3PL carrier network orders into one digital technology stack, bringing you transparency to your order progress and having freight invoices ready for customers within minutes.

  • Carriers

    Dramatically improve delivery transparency for all parties and get paid faster.

  • Drivers

    Have your digital office at your fingertips with our mobile app; always intelligently orchestrating faster deliveries, saving you time and increasing your paycheck.

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A Tech Stack Serving Everyone


We bring everyone together to achieve smarter, better last mile deliveries. We are a growing, nationwide last mile marketplace where wholesalers and carriers can find, connect and establish delivery services with one another. We are the digital technology stack that allows wholesalers, third-party carriers, drivers and end customers to leverage equal engagement and visibility throughout a delivery's life cycle, from order request to order invoice approval.

It's Awesome

There is a large ecosystem involved in seeing last mile deliveries through. The FuelNOW digital technology stack gives everyone the ability to do their part while staying engaged throughout the entire delivery process; ultimately proving faster payment for freight delivery services.


Open 3rd Party Logistics Marketplace

Our real-time, growing common carrier marketplace empowers engagement, procurement and connection between parties looking for 3PL carrier services and those that offer freight delivery services.

Smarter, Better Deliveries and Orders

The digital technology stack gives the delivering party real-time, smart delivery optimization features that establish best route, best time delivery opportunities. In addition, the freight invoice engine works in real-time to auto-build the freight invoice so when the delivery is made, an accurate invoice is ready for pre-approval between all parties.


Delivery Transparency For All

At the center of the FuelNOW technology stack is equal order progress visibility. The wholesaler, carrier operations, driver, and ultimate end-customer are all empowered with transparency to how each order is progressing, keeping everyone informed and aware simultaneously.

Connect, Establish and Manage the Last Mile Network

In a last mile ecosystem that relies on one another to serve demand, FuelNOW gives the opportunity to find, connect, engage and manage digital relationships and deliveries all within one tech stack.

Excellence Insight

The FuelNOW tech stack brings visibility to a new world of excellence. You should know where you're excelling and shout it from the rooftops! We empower the promotion of where you shine to capture new business opportunities.

Smarter, Transparent Deliveries for All

Whether you are the driver, the carrier, the wholesaler or the end customer, watch FuelNOW's smart technology work for you.

A Solution That Nurtures Growth

As the FuelNOW digital tech stack begins to work for you, you'll find the high potential for growth. Our marketplace and technology enables you to grow at the pace you desire, and with the parties in the ecosystem you wish to grow with.

"Without FuelNOW, my back office team's workload would be quadrupled to what it is today. This technology stack has streamlined our 3PL and accounting processes, bringing what used to be weeks to prepare 3PL invoices down to minutes because we now have all of the digital order details for every order fulfilled by our 3PL carrier network in one place and with high accuracy."
Diana Cook
Satisfied Wholesale Customer
"Collecting payments from our wholesale customers has gotten much easier! The FuelNOW tech stack has streamlined the flow of delivery paperwork-to-payment, making this digital tech stack an unparalleled asset to our company."
Zach Golman
Satisfied Carrier Customer

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